who we are and what we do

Beesh is an Ed-Tech and media SaaS provider founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2021. We specialise in health education by combining pioneering technical solutions with medical science and pedagogical education for K–12 and vocational studies. We aim to support, design, and deliver an inclusive lifelong learning experience, focusing on the human condition and the natural process of human development throughout its physical, behavioural, cognitive, and emotional growth and change, starting up with sex education.

Finnish pedagogy (know-how)
brain-based learning
Social-emotional learning (SEL)
Universal design for learning (UDL)
Learning experience design
why we do it

Innovating for future generations

By 2030 there will be 2.4 billion school-age children, more than half “1.4 billion” in underserved countries will not have access to relevant online learning materials for basic or secondary health education.

Our contirbution

learning experience platform

All-in-one comprehensive learning experience, enabling educators to deliver, guardians to protect, and children to receive comprehensive sex education in accordance with a Swedish adage 'Sex education begins when school begins' through evidence-based and science-backed information.

Personalised learning

New learning tools and materials are more directly relevant to users' personal needs and goals

MultiModal Content

Make learning accessible by removing blocks, barriers, and other costs to variety of learning materials

Pedagogical analytics

Shift learning into impactful and engaging pedagogical experience for all parties
Sneak Peek into the future

All in one solution for hybrid learning

Connecting the global health workforce to meet people's health and well-being needs

Learning Managment System (Lms)

Educator’s skill guide powered with curriculum based courses, teaching and learning materials, content builder, hybrid Instructional and assessment tools.

Recommendation Engine

Multimodal content builder for educators empowered with a health library that feeds on user preference and combines both formal and informal learning, providing reliable, and up-to-date information on topics of health education and awareness with more than 10,000 industry articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, books and courses prepared and visualised by our experts.

Peer learning

Powering interprofessional relationship in healthcare education, allowing learners and educators to share their stories, engage with each other and the materials with up to 100 multilingual live translations for the diversity of experience and better communication and preserve the meaning of dialects and modalities in complicated topics.

Learning record blockchain

A Hyperledger Fabric learning record store that allows strong provisions for optimising data consistency, availability, immutability, security, privacy and access control. A safety storage unit for every human interaction and behavior on the platform, allowing adaptive and individualised experience.

Extended reality

Powered by AI and IoT, an interactive dimensionally accurate 3D digital models of the human systems and organs that can be updated to reflect changes in their physical counterparts. supported with an AI companion that insures accessibility and individualising knowledge using voice queries, gesture-based control, focus-tracking and a natural language user interface to reply.

Competency Assesment

Review your learning results and compare them to your personal health goals, supported imbedded analytics for peers progress with 180-360° social feedback from your peers, community, friends, guardians, health professionals, or your personal health educator.

Pedagogical learning

Analysing all feedback learners and educators generate through a NLP algorithms that detects positive and negative experiences on articles, modules, courses, and content. Providing data-driven pedagogical reports and analytics to a shared dashboard to inform evidence-based improvements across all digital touchpoints

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Home of education

#1 Happiest country in the world, #1 Best business and education environment in the world

our team

Unity in diversity, optimism in inclusion

We are a team of diverse professionals from various backgrounds, including the fields of health and medicine, education, social welfare, business, literacy, IT, design and media. Sharing the same values and rallied behind a common goal: make health education accessible to everyone.