Personalised Health Education, care and treatment

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We specialise in Healthcare and Educational Technology to provide early childhood, K12, higher education and lifelong learning, with affordable access to digital health education, telehealth and treatment services.

From the best education system in the world

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Decentralised E-learning

Learning Experience Platform

A consumer grade e-learning and marketplace for verified providers


Multimodal digital content from
health educators and institutions to social media Heroes


Freemium learner-led health education with affordable access to digital care and treatment


Digital health identity with gamified social experience within a safe space for likeminded people


Comprehensive Health Education

Personalised to the physical, social, and emotional aspects of users health


An exploration of the human body and mind network of 78 organs and 11 systems. Having an immersive 360° experience with human verses practical learning, care and treatment.

Unique Features
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Persoanlised self-learning and teacher-free through automated lesson plans, resources, and activities based on users' age, needs, growth, and goals.

Unique Features
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Recommendation Engine

Multimodal learning library that feeds on users interests and delivers structured and sequential formal curriculum, combined with informal learning content from certified community professionals and educators.

Unique Features
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Learning record blockchain

We save data transactions cost and energy. By allowing users to save their data and experience on their own devices. Allowing offline learning, data consistency, availability, immutability, security, privacy and access control with a private Hyperledger blockchain.

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Unique Features

Assistive technology

Scaling Human-Centered learning with No Language Left Behind (NLLB) machine translation. Delivering high-quality translations combined with human evaluation directly between 200 languages—including low-resource languages, in aims to give people the opportunity to access and share web content in their native language, and communicate with anyone, anywhere, regardless of their language preferences.

Unique Features
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